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Future Life (1988)

We wear platform slippers. The houses are different, ours is like a circle. The food is the same, only nicer, more tastier with the new flavouring, "accapulco." The best singer is Jamen d'Arby, son of Terence Trent d'Arby. The best pop group is the Hunk Bunks.

We are all vegetarians. There is not many jobs, but I am a vet as well as a Greenpeace worker. Robots have taken over and most people have 100 wheeled cars, with swimming pools, jacuzzis, etc. Most people work in the Carboid Centre (they make Robots). We entertain ourselves by watching Sampson Treaclepot on our 15000 inch screen.

Most people travel on Mongololas. We go to Saturn for our holidays. It's against the law to kill animals and we don’t do experiments on them. Santos Rialtos lived for 200 years, he's the oldest person in the world. There are no hungry people in the world and doctors can cure any illness. There is no drugs. There is no measles or AIDS.

We own a zoo and a swimming pool. Some people live on Mars and some people live on new planets (Moonmillar, Zozo, Paradise, Gerson, Canato, Rialto, Pushmanato etc). We have a new Queen - Jessie Nana (all the Royals were killed). She is a good queen. Everyone has at least 30 acres in land. The average age to live is 90 man and 95 woman. The average children size is 5.

Future Life

Robin Tamblyn (author)