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A few facts about me..... As a writer I´m giving my fancy full scope - so some of the facts listed below might not be true. Try and find out which ones...

  • Born October 1976, under the sign of Libra
  • Doesn't work at Montreal's McGill University (that's Dr Robyn Tamblyn - with a Y!)
  • Descended from (gay) Elizabethan spymaster Sir Francis Walsingham
  • Studied film in Liverpool
  • Has a three-foot carnivorous pet plant called Mr Crunchy
  • Has Asperger's Syndrome, identifies as heteroromantic asexual
  • Won £25 in a creative writing competition aged 14
  • Likes: bowling, playing pool, reading, cats, white tigers, beaches, sharks, Baileys, pizza, 'eighties music, swimming in the sea, going to the cinema, horror and sci fi movies, cafés and aquariums
  • Dislikes: heights, 'scenic' walks, soccer, buses, joggers, beer, wasps, seagulls, soap operas, 'reality' TV shows, rap music, gardening
  • My mum won a bronze medal in the 1968 South African Olympics
  • My dad went to school with Sir Elton John
  • My granny used to work with the original 'Master' from Dr Who
  • My grandpa designed a German spacecraft and was listed in Who's Who of Aviation


Robin Tamblyn (author)