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Here you will find a miscellany of friends, colleagues and a few of my own favourite sites.....

Randy B. Fowler - Home of Kevin's more sociable sibling, Randy Fowler. Check out his neat models too, or visit Rods Limos to get him in 3D...

Jack Ewing - Randy's biographer, the "Wizard of Words" (over 100 million of 'em. Blimey).

Your(e) Not Me - I am unique. I am one with the angry Squirrel. I am unified with the badger overlord. People will run away. That's because they're jealous. JEALOUS..Or that's what the site says - find out how many people in the UK share YOUR name.

Devon Caravan Holidays - They're very clean.

Amber Tamblyn - The talented Ms Tamblyn (no relation, alas!)

I Broccoli Brockley - My little bro's bag and T shirt company...I X Nunhead coming soon!

Pistol Shrimps - Two zany Norwegians expertly insert themselves into parts of Harry Potter (oo-er!)

Warwick Davis - From Wicket to Flitwick...home of the diminutive star of Return of the Jedi, Willow, Harry Potter and the Leprechaun movies.

Free Translation - A great resource for decoding your penfriend's emails (or looking up rude words in another language).

Ebay - You can even buy my books on here - sometimes.......

Mario Patzschke - The world in glorious B&W.

Doctor Z - The Cure with less eye makeup.

Paul McCallum - Nice music. Beautiful sharks.

George Barron Art - A magical mystery tour... let your mouse guide you.
He was (almost) a zombie in 28 Weeks Later too. Groovy.

Wordsmith Anagrams - Did you know that "Robin Tamblyn"is an anagram of "Barmy Nob Lint"? or "Born Bit Manly"? or even "Bony Limb Rant"? Type in your name and see what comes out (my little brother is "Be In Moose"!).

Allan Blatch - Fame...Will you remember his name?


David Hall Web Design - The creators of this site.

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