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coupling (2005)

  Twelve erotic tales following the aspirations and encounters of twelve very different gay men.
  Book Description (from back cover)

"I am about to make my first kill of the day.
Correction: the first kill I notice..."

Eddie. Nick. Nigel. David. Russell. Frederick. Ste. Michael. Emile. Jack. Jamie. Brandon.

By turns poignant, funny and tragic, coupling follows the sexual paths of twelve very different gay men-a young runaway, a closeted father, an obese porn star, a dying pensioner, a Hollywood actor-as, through each other, they search for excitement, friendship, lust, and love.

"I will sit up all night in this secret place he calls home.
Just to watch him sleep."

"Robin Tamblyn, author of La-La Land exposé King of Hollywood and the adrenaline-packed Velocity, has come full circle with coupling, a collection of twelve short, erotic stories. Infused with Tamblyn's signature youthful energy and spot-on dialogue, each story sizzles with lively humor, camp drama and sexual tension so thick, you'll need to sharpen your Ginsu knives to cut through it."
-Michael D. Craig, author of The Ice Sculptures: A Novel of Hollywood.

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