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Dark Muse

Dark Muse: Kevin Spacey, Fan Faction, and the Weinstein Effect (2019)

Dark Muse outlines the many allegations of sexual harassment and assault that were made against the actor Kevin Spacey in 2017 and 2018 and discusses how he provided the inspiration for several characters in the fictional works of Robin Tamblyn.

Book Description (from back cover)

"I think people just like me evil for some reason. They want me to be a son of a bitch."

On 29 October 2017, Kevin Spaceyís life changed forever when actor Anthony Rapp alleged that the double Oscar winner had made a sexual advance towards him in 1986 when he was just 14 years old. Multiple additional allegations from other men followed, leading to Spacey being fired by his agent and the Netflix network, being edited out of an upcoming movie and becoming the subject of several police investigations in both the United Kingdom and the United States.

As Kevinís first biographer, I had heard many rumours of his sinister side and used some of the more salacious details from his life in my novel King of Hollywood and my short story collection coupling. Dark Muse explores the background to Kevinís downfall and takes a closer look at how fiction and fact have merged in my work.

Read an extract from Chapter Four of Dark Muse.



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